Specific Conditions

We help children with a wide range of conditions.
Below are examples of the types of issues we help with, although this list is not exhaustive. Please get in touch with any questions to see how we can help.

Find out about symptoms and examples of how ADHD can present itself, as well as strategies and next steps that can be taken.

Tests, diagnosis, interventions & strategies for ADHD

Find out about autism and the role of Educational Psychologists.

Assessments & Diagnosis of Autism

Find out about common symptoms of cerebral palsy, support & strategies for schools.

Symptoms, support & strategies for schools

Find out about common difficulties, as well as support and classroom strategies.

Common difficulties & classroom strategies

Find out about testing, diagnosing, interventions and strategies for dyslexia.

Tests, Diagnosing, Interventions & Strategies for Dyslexia
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